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  1. Linda Menzie Enochs says:

    Hi Everyone!
    I’m Linda Menzie Enochs. After Hoover graduation I attended SDSU and pledged Sigma Kappa Sorority along with Hooverites Carolyn Quinn, Barba Leamon, Brenda Broadway, Linda Boyce and Linda Hebert. What fun memories we made!

    I met my husband Bob Enochs ( Crawford ‘61) at a TGIF in 1963. We married in April, 1966, just before graduation. Our 52 year adventure began with a draft notice. After basic training, AIT and Officer Candidate School in Maryland we were stationed for 2.5 years in Hanau, near Frankfurt, Germany. I learned to drive a stick shift (no automatics in Germany) and taught typing and Military Correspondence to the troops. My class was popular because the guys then qualified to be company clerks—who serve far away from combat!
    We traveled extensively, and I became fascinated with European culture, architecture and Design. I redesigned our apartment and several friends’ homes too. Fun, I thought.

    1970 sent Bob to Viet Nam and me back to San Diego. I was expecting our first child. It was very hard to see Bob leave, but I somehow knew he would be safe. And so he was, coming home to me and his new son Jim. Two years later at our first home in Tierrasanta we welcomed our daughter Lisa. I stayed home with the babies for five years—one of my best decisions besides marrying Bob! We have one granddaughter, Kaylee, who was born on grandpa’s birthday in 2004. What a gift!!!

    In 1973 we moved to Huntington Beach because Bob was transfered to LA. I started my business in interior design in 1976, incorporated in 2002, and just retired last year. I had a wonderful career making homes comfortable and nuturing for very lovely people. It was a perfect job for me.

    Along the way I was President of Soroptimists of Irvine, board member and secretary of ASID Orange County and served on the Board of Human Options. Also I was perennial room mother and chaired my daughters high school Grad Night. Giving back to others started my sophomore year at HHHS co-chairing a class food drive for Thanksgiving. I didn’t realize there were people in such dire financial need at our school. It opened my eyes to help whenever possible.

    I missed too many Hoover reunions, so being part of our 55th and 57th reunions has been such a joy. Our friendships have lasted the test of time! Let’s celebrate!!

  2. Ronald Paul La Lanne says:

    Hello out there! I played too many sports after high school and have new knees, rt hip, three back surgeries two in the last two years, and a pace maker. Getting old is no fun but it beats pushing up daisies. I have been married to my first and only wife for almost 50 years, this year in August.
    We have six children and 16 grand children. They are all married and doing well. My wife and I are doing well also. I spent two years in the US Army, but never left Fort Ord, I qualified for O.C.S. but turned it down later.
    Went on to college after the Army and into business following college. Have enjoyed a full life of activity and fun with my family. I like to jet ski I have two 12 F’s, a motor cycle, and my 1969 souped up Mustang fastback. Still play chess and cards (poker, bridge and etc.).See you all soon!!!!

    • EILEEN JOHNSON says:

      Hi Ron, Thank you for the update. Jet skiing, motorcycles, wow! It is so obvious that you and your wife are doing well. The reunion is going to be so fun. Lots of time to catch-up at the Bahia. Very glad that you are coming, so see you soon.

  3. Peggy Polinsky says:

    Hi All – I’m Peggy Adams Polinsky, MSW, PhD – a retired social work researcher. Married my fabulous husband, Joel, in 1968. We lived in Boston for 8 years where our son was born. Then Brooklyn and Manhattan for 8 years where our daughter was born. Now we all live (separately) in the Los Angeles area. We’ve had a fantastic life over the last 48 years, traveled all over the U.S. and Europe, and have one granddaughter who lives in Bellingham, WA. I’m still a San Diego person and love sitting here on the hotel deck looking out over the Bay and anticipating a great time seeing everyone tonight!! ??????

  4. Mary Berube Dow says:

    Hi all,
    I’m Mary Berube Dow. I quit school in Nov. of my senior year and got married but went back and got my diploma after my third daughter was born. We had four children, three daughters and a son. My oldest daughter is a nurse at the Mayo clinic in MN. My Middle daughter is a Special Ed. Secretary in WA state and my youngest daughter teaches 4th grade here in SD at the Rock church. My son was diognosed with Muscular Dystrophy when he was three yrs. old and I lost him just short of his 18th birthday.
    My first husband left a few months before my son was born and I spent 18 yrs raising my kids and God blessed me with three caring and loving daughters.
    In 1989 God brought Fred into my life and we were married in 1990 one week after the Lord took my son home. I was married to my sweet Fred for 20 yrs when he died in 2009. I have 12 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren and five super step kids.
    I’ve had a chance to do some traveling with friends. In 2015 my best friend (Irene Day Kauffman) and I did a 7000 mile road trip visiting family and some fun sites
    All in all God has blessed me with a great family and wonderful Christian friends.
    I hope some of you remember me. Looking forward to the reunion.

  5. Rena Sheldon- Veuger says:

    Hi! I’m Rena Sheldon… Born in San Diego and I have never left. I’ve been married my husband Jules Veuger 52 years, we have 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren. My husband was born in the Dutch east Indies when The Netherlands owned the colonies during the war. He immigrated to the US as a teen and we met in college. We built our home 40+ years ago on 2 1/2 acres in the east county. We have horses that our youngest adult daughter trains and shows. We are both retired and love to travel. We make a trip to Europe every few years to visit family and we also love cruising. We bought a motor home a few years ago and enjoy camping locally…..no desire to go cross country in it!
    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!

  6. Robert Ayala and Katherine (DeJarnette) Ayala says:

    Hello to all our fellow Hoover graduates. The years from 1958-1961 seem so long ago. Yet they are stored in the memory banks, and a word or phrase or a certain face will trigger the memory bank to open. Bob and I met at Hoover while working on the 1960-1961 Annual Staff. We then went on to attend San Diego State College and upon graduation we married.
    Bob started his elementary teaching career at San Diego Unified where he was definitely one of the favorite teachers of approximately 1,400 students over the course of his working years. I worked in the education field and in others, but my main occupation was our three children.
    We have both been retired since the early 2000’s, and are very pleased that our children have remained in San Diego. Especially because our four grandchildren, ranging in age from 4-8, are close by and we get to see them often.
    Just wanted to close this profile with a very heart-felt THANK YOU to the wonderful organizers of the 55th Hoover Reunion of the Class of 1961!

  7. Hello To Everyone. Mike and Alice Jacobsen are checking in with all of you. We have been married for 53 years, with four children(3 boys & 1 girl). We have 15 grandkids (12 boys & 3 girls). I worked for 20 years as a high school coach and administrator. I then retired, after 30 years as the athletic director at Utah Valley University. We lived in Utah after high school, where we raised our family. Currently we are living in East Lansing Michigan, home of the Spartans. We were called by our church ( The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints- The Mormons) to Michigan to serve for three years, 2014-17. We have 174 missionaries that we are responsible for either 24 or 18 months. Needless to say, we are very busy. If you are ever in the Michigan area, which is a great vacation destination, we would love to see you. We return home in 10 months and look forward to being at the next reunion. Everyone have a great time and we wish we could be there to see all of you. Jake & Allie

  8. Sheila McKenzie Trovaten says:

    Hi Everybody,
    As an only child and after graduating from Hoover at seventeen, I didn’t venture very far from home. I went on to SDSU where I met and later married my college sweetheart, Ben Trovaten. It was my husband’s work as a Naval Officer and job with IBM that allowed us to move around the country for several years before settling down in San Diego to raise our family. After my two kids entered school, I returned to SDSU, earned a B.A. degree, and began a career in Public Administration that spanned almost 30 years. I started with smaller municipalities like El Cajon and La Mesa, and then joined the County of San Diego as an Analyst, eventually retiring in 2004 as a CAO Staff Officer. Retirement, not surprising, has been a joy and given me more opportunities to do my favorite things: travel in Europe with husband, spend time with my three grandchildren who live 20 minutes away, support my two philanthropies – the Assistance League and the Home of Guiding Hands, and cheer on my favorite basketball team – the SDSU Aztecs. Go Aztecs!

  9. Kenneth Ayer says:

    After I graduated from Hoover I joined the Army and spent 3 years in Thailand and Hawaii, before Vietnam. I liked the Thai people and went to SDSU to study Southeast Asia. I took a lot of courses in various departments, on history, economics, politics, etc., but only the Anthropologists wanted to talk about the people (instead of money, power, etc.), so I majored in that. I worked summers doing various things in that area, and then got a scholarship to Stanford for graduate school, which had several Thai specialists. I married and then did field work there and then got a Ph.D. and taught in northern Colorado for 10 years, and had 2 children. Then they decided to do away with tenure and closed the department, so I went back to the Bay Area and got a job in industrial market research in electronics, just when PCs were coming on stream. 10 years of that, a divorce and second marriage, and then I did a study on chip cards in 1993, which Visa, MasterCard and others were just getting involved with. I joined Visa International in 1995 working on chip cards worldwide (which are just now beginning to be deployed in the U.S.) I retired in 2005 as Vice President, and since have been living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hoover was a great start on life, the Army was an great introduction to the diversity of our American people, and Thailand was a terrific introduction to the world that’s never been colonized by the West and has still retained another way of looking at the world. Technology has changed everything and nothing – people are still people in all their fascinating diversity. We just all need to appreciate that diversity more and learn from each other – all of us.

  10. Married my high school sweetheart, 2 kids, divorced within 4 years. Worked for Unified School District, DataGraphix for 10 years, Met my current husband of 40 years and had a Management company named Strom Management Inc. for 20 years. Sold it and bought 40 acres on a mountain in Lakeside. Still there. Had a children camp but the 2003 fires wiped us out. The cleansing was necessary. New plants were identified and the oak forest returned. Have monthly retreats and share the mountain. Life is GREAT!!!!! In retirement I learned energy healing, do past life regressions and sell Young Living Oils.

  11. Edith Irene Day Kauffman says:

    I’m (Edith) Irene Day Kauffman still in San Diego. I married my Patrick the summer after graduation. God gave me 54 years with him. After a few years battling Alzheimer’s he graduated to glory 9/15/15. I have a 53 yr old daughter, 51 yr old son and 33 yr old granddaughter. I thought including their ages would bring our ages in better perspective. I must say I am amazed, impressed and delighted at what has and is going on in the lives of we Hooverites.
    My career was in the insurance field. I began as a part time insurance agency assistant in 1966; worked for Travelers Insurance for 3 years, got my insurance license and worked at various agencies in town and managed some, then went to work at The Corky McMillin Cos. In the risk management department. I was truly blessed to know the McMillin family and retired as Senior Risk Manager in 2012.
    I graduated from National University in 1982…4 days before I became a grandmother.
    I’m adjusting to being just me. God is teaching me He is my joy and my strength. My daughter lives with me and is very busy. We have fun together as often as we can. We went to Lamb’s Player’s Theater in Coronado last night with friends and heard 100 years of American Music. Great!
    I’m looking so forward to seeing all of you.

  12. Barba Leamon Bley says:

    After graduating from SDSU my husband Bob (’60 Hoover grad) and I moved to the San Francisco Bay area where he attended dental school and I taught elementary school. Upon his graduation we promptly moved back to San Diego and I retired from teaching for a few years to raise our two sons. Eventually I returned to teaching and retired in 2008 from SD City Schools. I continue to substitute teach about 4 days a month when I can work it in. In 2014 we celebrated our 50th anniversary by taking our two sons, their wives and 7 grandchildren on a Mexico cruise. One son lives in Temecula and the other in Tierrsanta so we see the grandkids frequently and often enjoy taking them on trips without their parents. Bob and I have been fortunate to continue to be healthy and have traveled all over the world, only missing Antarctica, (and that’s on my bucket list).. Traveling seems to be my passion. Our most exciting trips have been southern Africa, Peru, Brazil, India, Fiji, Iceland and most recently Egypt, and Jordan. I am active in a gym and in addition I have made walking 10,000 steps a day a personal challenge. I am really looking forward to our 50th reunion and hope to see a lot of lost friends at the reunion.

  13. Alvin (Mac) and Carol Roop McDaniel says:

    Hi, I’m Carol Roop McDaniel. Mac and I have enjoyed 54 years of marriage together and have lived in many places…France, Alaska, just outside Washington, D.C., and San Diego of course. I’ve traveled to Italy, and England while living in France, and then to Yugoslavia. We’ve both been to Ireland. Mac has traveled extensively with his job in the Middle East while it was still safe to do so! We are currently living in Hemet in Riverside County and enjoying our retirement. I worked with Customs and Border Protection for 26 years. While in D.C. I was a Supervisor for the NAFTA Trade Agreement and then Branch Chief for International Trade Agreements before moving back to San Diego as the Assistant Director for Commercial Operations. I will never forget being in Washington, D.C. on September ll, 2001 when the Pentagon was hit. I am currently the President of the Secular Carmelites, a lay organization of over 60 members, and Mac is still active as a Deacon for the Catholic Church. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion.

  14. Jim Moffett says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I have had a varied and interesting life. Right after high school I spent a year in the seminary here in San Diego. Then spent two years in college at San Diego State before enlisting in the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve as an 1811 (Tank crewman). My Tank Commander was Richard Alianelli from Hoover High, too. Shortly after discharge I went to work in Bank Operations for the Bank of America and would spend 40+ years with them. The Bank got me interested in going into teaching and I finished my B. A. at San Diego State in Social Science
    in 1973 and earned multiple teaching credentials in 1975. 1976 was a significant year for me since I started teaching for the Sweetwater Union High School District . ( I taught over 30 different subjects to High School and Adult Students over a 35 year period). I also met my future wife, Angie (Angelina) in 1976 and we got married later that year. We have been married 39+ years with 2 daughters, 5 grandchildren, and a great granddaughter. We traveled extensively throughout the United States and Mexico. Have met many fine Americans over the years like Cesar Chavez, Fr.Victor Salandini, Dr. Alveda King, Lt. Col. Gerald ‘Jerry’ F. Coleman,Ruben Navarrette Jr., Roger Hedgecock, Dr. Ben Carson, etc. I have spent 4 years as a Jr. Achievement Adviser and a couple of years in the S. D. P.D. Reserves. After retirement, I earned a real estate license to help my wife as her licensed assistant. We have stayed pretty much close to home involved in various home activities, helping with the grandchildren at times, and being companions with 2 wonderful doggies. We thank God for His many blessings in our lives and look forward to the Reunion in September.

  15. Deanna Rongstad Lamoreux says:

    My oldest daughter Janet is a 1964 Sharp baby. In 2007 she had a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and reconstruction. To aid her recovery she walked in preparation for the Susan Komen 3-Day. She has since walked 7 times; 3 in Dallas and 4 in San Diego, passing by her Sharp birthplace every year and getting to see the sights from Del Mar to San Diego. She has recovered well!

    Thank you Marilyn Brunner for sharing your life story after the loss of your husband. It inspires me and others too.

    I have three school reunions this summer from my Montana years and 2 1/2 years at Hoover. I look forward to seeing long-time friends and making new ones at the reunion. I am bringing my friend Glenn who was an airplane mechanic at Glenview, IL Naval Air Station- he will especially enjoy all the historic planes on the Midway.

    Thanks to all the work of reunion planners!

  16. Mary Lou (Killman/Jones) Grigsby says:

    Hello everyone … my maiden name was Killman but I married in high school so my name in the annual is Jones. I was married but I have been single since 1999. I live in Menifee now and I retired from Lucky Stores after 20 years and then retired from Sunshine Cookies & Crackers as a sales rep. I am totally retired now and have many hobbies and a loving dog named Sofie.
    I’ve been on several cruises, a few whitewater rafting trips, camping and renting a houseboat every year. Some of my hobbies are painting, quilting, and reading. I like keeping busy. I have 2 daughters, 5 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren that I am close to.
    I’m in good health and enjoying my life and have loved coming to every reunion.

    • Hey there! I haven’t seen you since the house on 37th and Polk,when you came by. Why haven’t we kept in touch??? living in AZ now but still come over to SD to see my bro. Maybe we could arrange to get together? My phone # is 928-476-4468. PS where in the world is Menifee?? Love and hugs!

  17. Marilyn Brunner Daniels says:

    Hello everyone! I am Marilyn Brunner Daniels. People I meet for the first time always seem to be amazed that I am a native San Diegan, but I know many of you are as well. I graduated from San Diego State and began a career of 30 years in San Diego City Schools, with the majority of years spent teaching kindergarten. I married fellow classmate, Walt Daniels, and we were married 42 years prior to his death in 2009. We have two daughters, one living in New York City and the other in Vermont. While they are both across the country, I see them fairly often and we have a close relationship.
    While I will always miss Walt, my life is quite full of activities with friends, travel and playing bridge. Travel with friends and by myself is high on my list of entertainment. During the last two years, I have visited the Caribbean, Greek Isles, Turkey, Bahamas, France, Italy and Ireland. I especially like cruising the seas and river boat trips. Coming up in 2016, is a river cruise down the Danube in May and a land and sea trip to Norway in July. I am becoming adventurous – on the next two trips I am traveling solo! So, life is good and getting better all the time!

  18. Paul Stefanson says:

    Hi Everyone!
    I’m Paul Stefanson, and this will be my first reunion. I enlisted in the Army 6 months after Hoover, and you can read about what happened 10 years later by searching for “My Story”
    After those experiences I spent 30 years in the High-Tech Aerospace industry.
    Look forward to seeing everyone there!

  19. Darlene Berry Dimuzio says:

    Darlene Berry Dimuzio DOB 1/23/43 Born in San Diego, California
    After graduation from Hoover High I went to work for Pacific Telephone Co in San Diego and worked as a secretary for 15 years until my son was born in August, 976; named after my husband, my sons name is Pietro Demuzio III.
    My husband, Pietro Dimuzio, Jr and I belonged to the Corvette Club of San Diego and the S.D Asebring Drivers. We both drove a Corvette in Autocross events. Then later my husband raced our Corvette in SCCA Road Courses in California where I took photos and recorded his races on an 8mm movie camera. Our son now races a 1984 944 Porsche which my husband built and he races some of the same race tracks my husband drove, se we have come full-circle.
    While our son was growing up, we drove dunebuggies and other off-road vehicles in the desert in California. After our son graduated from high school in Vista, CA, he went to Arizona State Univ in Tempe, Az. We traveled a lot between CA and AZ in our RV attending football games and visiting our son. While he was away in College my husband and I got involved in restoring a 1948 Ford pickup and attended car shows in the SD area.
    In Sept of 1999 I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. I had to have a mastectomy and removal of several lymph nodes because the cancer had spread. I recovered from surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation in time to attend my sons graduation from ASU in May, 2000. I have remained cancer-free since Sept 1999 and support other cancer survivors and keep in touch with friends who have suffered a lose in their lives.
    Our son remained in AZ and after my husband retired from SDG&E we decided to move to Gold Canyon, AZ in 2006. Our son married his college sweetheart and we now have 2 grandchildren. Pietro Dimuzio IV (9) and Emily (6). We are still involved in building and restoring classic cars and trucks. I’m busy enjoying our two grandchildren and their activities. My hobby is photography and keep buys organizing hundreds of picture I’ve taken through the years.
    One of my favorite memories of Hoover High was being a cheer leader in my senior year.
    Happy 55th reunion.

  20. Robert (Bob) W. Anderson says:

    Seems as how the last five years have seen less and less happen. What writing and editing I did, sputtered to a stop. Family history finally ran out, tracking down a final grave of a distant cousin in Yerington, Nevada.
    After 30 some years of working with the Motorcycle Press, the riding still goes on with my own fleet of three Harley-Davidsons, a Honda, and a Kawasaki, adding another 4,574 miles for 2015 and bringing the total up to 1,046,126 miles with no broken bones.

  21. Ginger Raney Allen says:

    Life has been very good to me. I had a wonderful marriage for 26 years raising 3 children and then another 26 years of adventure and career living in Europe, Asia and South America in addition, traveling to over 100 countries. As a speaker/trainer I developed seminars on Customer Service and Management and Personal Effectiveness affording me the opportunity to connect with many international businesses. For 11 years I worked with corporate and extension at UCSD teaching Problem Solving/Decision Making and Teambuilding. In recent years I dabbled in real estate investment acquiring the little craftsman house I now live in just 5 blocks from John Adams Elementary School. My friends say that I have come “full circle”. My son lives in the house I was raised in where my father lived until his death in 2009 at 101 years of age.

    I take the most pride in my non-profit work educating young girls in Cambodia. Someday, when I get old, I will settle down, but for now I have wings on my heels and still think that I can fly.

  22. Brenda Broadway Provence says:

    I’m Brenda Broadway Provence and I am truly looking forward to the upcoming reunion. The venue is outstanding, and the positive response has been amazing. I am presently retired after teaching for 36 years. A part of my teaching was in bilingual education, and because of my love of the Spanish language, my husband and I have traveled extensively in Spain, Central America, and Mexico. We built a “casita” in a sleepy little fishing village located about two hours south of Ensenada in Baja, and we try to set aside some time every month or so to visit.
    I am blessed to have three of my six grandchildren living nearby. In October my husband and I will be traveling to the Philippines to spend some time with the other three grandchildren. Life has been kind to me and to my family. I enjoy the friendships of women in the various groups I belong to, and I have especially enjoyed the renewed the friendships in the Hoover High Reunion Committee.

  23. Don Dwight says:

    Take way to long to write and have you read my profile for sure…..Have had a lot of good things happen and some not so good…..Right now I’m pretty healthy and holding…..I’m also boring as hell…..Not drinking…..chasing the ladies…and not over eating….You’ll see in Sept. I hope!!!!…….Retired and living off something??….The bills get paid….Oh, my current wife of over 40 years was a school teacher and saved her money….That’s one of the good things…..I’ll save the rest for when we meet on the Midway in Sept…..You all have a good day……Also lived in Texas for 10 years…..Now that’s a story!!!!! Don

  24. Kathy Kapp Morgan says:

    I taught Freshmen and Sophomore English at Los Gatos High School for 37 happy but hardworking years. I taught Shakespeare, John Steinbeck, Harper Lee, Homer, Maya Angelou and many other sterling authors. Also tried to teach everyone to write well–or at least better. Los Gatos is a beautiful town of 30,000 near San Jose, in central CA.

    I married a wonderful man the year after graduating from high school–remember how totally grown up we felt? But after I REALLY grew up, we discovered that there were truly irreconcilable differences. I did not have children, though I helped raise and nurture thousands of students. I have been in two long-term,very caring relationships since my divorce, the current one an open, non-exclusive relationship.

    Nowadays I feel busier than ever, but almost entirely with things I really want to do , such as travel, writing, bringing live music to Los Gatos, being a History docent at our beautiful library, photography, trying to stay current on computer technology without going berserk, studying Italian (una bella lingua), trying to exercise enough to keep my aging self from falling apart, and more.
    Like many of you, my parents, who stayed in San Diego, have passed away, so I don’t get to San Diego very often. So this reunion means a lot to me.

  25. Tom and Sharon(Hawkes) Kelly says:

    I’m Sharon Hawkes Kelly and Tom Kelly is my husband of 52 years. I’ve retired from the Mortgage Business (ugh) and worked at a Resort in Sunriver, Oregon for 15 years. I do volunteer work at a non-profit organization that try to keep seniors in their home with in-home care as well as offering day care for Alzheimer folks so the care-givers can get a break. I also, play golf, mahjongg and hand and foot and love reading. We have 2 granddaughters 6 & 8 that live in Los Angeles. We live in Surprise, Arizona in a retirement community. Tom still works( he’s an art director) and has a few national accounts that he can do at home. He plays short stop for the local softball league. Still loves it after 10 years. He also plays golf and tennis.
    We love to travel and are leaving next Tuesday for down under. Tom’s father still lives in the same house in Allied Gardens that he grew up in. He’s 101.
    Looking forward to the reunion an reconnecting with our fellow graduates.

  26. Linda Rundell says:

    Hi Classmates,
    I’m Linda Boyce Rundell. I’ve attended all but one of our reunions. I’m especially looking forward to our 55th. It promises to be a standout. I’ve had a few rough spots in my life since graduating from Hoover but overall I’ve had a fine life so far. I lost a wonderful husband in ’98 to ALS but met another wonderful man while on a hiking trip in Death Valley in 2003 and married in 2004–quite unexpected. I taught for 20 years and retired in 2003. I’ve done lots of traveling and will continue as long as I’m able. One of my passions is dancing. I take five dance classes a week with tap being my favorite. I’ve been in the San Diego Follies three times and will be auditioning for a fourth time soon. I also enjoy gardening and succulents are my favorite type of plants. My husband and I have recently started playing pickleball and find it great fun and good exercise. We also bicycle when we get the chance.
    I would enjoy hearing from some former classmates of mine who were in the same classes as me, or in the same organizations as me, or just knew me.
    See you on the 17th.

  27. Margie says:

    Hey Velma, So good to hear from you. I’m keeping the database and I have no address, phone or email for you. Please send me your info so we can send you an invitation and future emails. I’m so glad you are coming. It’s been 20 years since I saw you. Margie Boyd Reynolds – email: margie11044@att.net

  28. Velma I. St.John (Amati) says:

    Hi All you committee members. Thanks to each and every one of you. I’m so looking forward to our 55th Reunion. Lydia Dyches (Chavez) and I will be attending. (God willing)! LOL. Life is good, and I’am ever so thankful and grateful for my wonderful family, and my friends. God has watched over me and guided me thru alot of ups and downs. Looking forward to reconnecting will all you wonderful “61” fellow grads…..

  29. Gail Tickson Bandy says:

    Hi, I’m Gail Tickson Bandy. I don’t know that I’m the “fearless” leader of the 55th Reunion (Margie’s description), but I am leading the effort. We have a large, enthusiastic committee working to make this event truly memorable. If you would like to join us, let us know! We are a friendly group, and there are plenty of things to do. Meanwhile, my regular pastimes include being with my grandchildren, traveling, going on bike rides with my husband on our tandem, playing tennis, and playing bridge. These activities have largely kept me busy since retiring from 30 years of elementary school teaching in 1999. Looking forward to seeing you Sept. 17th!

  30. Margie says:

    Hi all,
    I’m Margie Boyd Reynolds. I’m retired from a 40 year career in computer programmer. I was one for 20 years then managed them for another 20. Divorced in the 90’s, no kids. I lived in Orange County for 35 years and just moved back to my house in Tierrasanta in 2014.
    I reconnected with a really nice group of Hooverites and have been meeting with them regularly to plan the reunion. Gail Tickson Bandy is our fearless leader and the conceiver of the idea. Ginger Raney Allen is the Publicity Chairman the creator of all the messages and cards you’ve gotten from me. She also guided me in design of this web site. I’m administration. There are a lot of other people actually planning the event.
    I hope to see you at the party.

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