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  1. Jim Thomas says:

    Thank you, and congratulations, to everyone who worked on the 57th. Everything about this event was great from the bonfire to the bay cruise to the dinner and dancing. Great job!

  2. John Adamske says:

    Greetings from Las Vegas. It looks like you have another great venue planned on the Bahia Belle thanks to the reunion committee. Mary [a.k.a. “Bitsy”, my bride of 53 years] and I have moved to Las Vegas so it’s doubtful we will be attending this reunion. My contact information is the same a jaaapc@cox.net and (619) 929-1932. I will miss seeing many of my “old” classmates but know you will have a fun weekend. Lord willing I’ll see you all at the 60th!!

  3. Gail Tickson Bandy says:

    Just a quick note to say THANK YOU to Eileen and her 57th Reunion Committee and supporters. WOW, you have a beautiful series of events planned, in a beautiful place, with something for everyone, and all at an unprecedented low cost. Much love and gratefulness to you. I can’t wait to enjoy it all! ?

  4. Hi Hoover ‘61 Classmates!

    What is your favorite song from our high school days. I’m working on the playlist for the 2018 dinner dance at the Bahia and want to include your special selection. Let me know by responding on this site and I will add it to the mix.

    We are having such fun planning your “Why Wait” reunion! Please encourage your closest Hoover 61 friends to join us for a wonderful weekend of fun and memories.

    • EILEEN JOHNSON says:

      When you ask about a very favorite song from our school days, I first think of Heartbreak Hotel. I heard it the first time in the old Carnations Ice Cream Restaurant on El Cajon Boulevard. That was the beginning of my love affair with Elvis.
      The reunion will be so fun, a whole weekend with lots of time to spend reconnecting with everyone. The music will surely bring back good memories. Thanks for putting together a very special playlist.

    • Carol McDaniel says:

      Linda: I just saw Holly Lewis Ramsey’s name on the deceased list. Tell me it isn’t so…Carol McDaniel

  5. Martha Sabbah-Verrier says:

    Dear Fellow Classmates, Wheels are turning and lots of hard work is being done to make our 57th reunion a very special event. Your participation has garnered many items that will surely bring back many memories to all attendees; but we are still looking for a Letterman’s jacket, sweater, or uniform. Please contact me ASAP if you have ANY items you can contribute. We are also looking for items from both grammar and Junior High school. We of course, will return all items after the reunion. Thanks again for your participation.

  6. Linda Rundell says:

    I’m having great fun being part of the Reunion Committee. We have an energetic and motivated group led by a very competent, lovely lady–Eileen (Johnson). This upcoming reunion is going to be different than all of the others–even the last one on the Midway. The exciting activities are sure to get our hearts pumping and our friendships renewed. I hope everyone who can will join us.

  7. Margie Reynolds says:

    Hi all,
    I’m excited to start planning for the next reunion. The website will be updated soon to contain all the Party News. Check back soon.
    Also, please leave a comment here for classmates to read.

  8. Dan Chapman says:

    Just wondering why we are having another reunion so soon after our 55th? Afraid some of us aren’t going to make to the 60th? LOL Well fortunately I still have a lot of family in the area so that will add fun to the trip.
    Tried to send email on 10/12/18. Failed because of no such email address. I copied and pasted the address from the Save the Date email that was sent out. I tried sending using Gmail and Yahoo. Please check out why it isn’t working.

    • Eileen Johnson says:

      Hi Dan, So happy that you are going to come to our “Why Wait” reunion. You are right, We really do want to have everyone getting together before the 60th. It was such a fun success for our 55th. This reunion is set up so there will be a lot of time to reconnect and share memories. I am sorry you are having trouble with the e-mail. The invitations are going in the mail on Tuesday. They have a new e-mail to use, plus a ton of information. Looking foreword to seeing you at the Bahia.

  9. Gail Tickson Bandy says:

    Thank you to all who attended the 55th reunion. It was GREAT to see everyone! Thanks, also, for the rave reviews! Both the beach party and the reunion were enjoyed by all who attended. Stay tuned!

  10. John "Jake" Thompson says:

    Awesome reunion and “bonfire”. To those of you who put these together, congratulations on a job well done. Thank you so much. It was great to see classmates that I have had no contact with for at least 45 – 55 years. Who ever came up with the idea of having it on the Midway, brilliant. Great venue.

  11. I was a new teacher at Hoover in 1960-61 so I probably did not have contact with many seniors. I taught General Math and World History which may have been called Basic Citizenship then combined with first aid and drivers ed. I might have crossed your path if you were in one of the large (very large) study halls I was assigned. I was only seven years older than you folks so that’s why I’m still around. I did last thirty-five years retiring from Mission Bay High School in 1995.
    I’m a docent on the USS MIDWAY and noted the Sept reunion but since no docents were requested I was not there that night. In addition to volunteering on MIDWAY the wife and I open and man the Mt. Laguna Visitor Center two Sundays each month. If you are in the Mt. Laguna area on a Sunday stop by and see if I’m there, And while I’m at it we need more volunteers to keep the visitor center open. Look at our website LMVA.NET for information and even an application. At your ages dues are only $10. You can contact me at Perry92020@yahoo.com for more information.
    Sorry I missed you all on MIDWAY.

  12. Margie says:

    Eileen and the decorations committee. I was blown away by the atmosphere you created on the Midway. I’m glad it was a surprise to me. And your tribute to Gail and Tom as Queen and King was an adorable idea.

  13. Peggy Adams Polinsky says:

    Hi Everyone – We’re really looking forward to a fun time in San Diego – one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We live in Altadena, CA and are absolutely thrilled about some time near the water! Thank you so much to the Organizing Committee – feel appreciated! See you soon. Peggy & Joel

  14. Any attempt to wake up some of the old faculty? On the other hand perhaps sleeping ghosts better left alone. I was a very young teacher at Hoover beginning September 1960; your senior year. I lasted three years and moved on to fourteen years at the new Morse High School. This is to advise all of you that I will be attending the reunion onboard USS MIDWAY. No need for an invitation. I’ll just walk onboard and see you all. Then when the party is over I’ll quietly leave.

    P.S. I’m a docent (volunteer) onboard USS MIDWAY in my thirteenth year. I’ll be “working” that evening answering questions and helping prevent people from falling overboard. It’ll bring back memories of when I supervised the lunch period at Hoover.

  15. Gail Tickson Bandy says:

    Jerry Treadway has kept some fun memorabilia, like a few Cardinals newspapers when we were Juniors and Seniors, Booster Club football ribbons, miscellaneous programs and photos. It’s been really fun to look through this stuff! Thanks, Jerry, for sharing!

  16. Linda Rundell says:

    We need more photos in our Photo Gallery. Do you have any photos from your elementary school, junior high, or high school days? Maybe a photo of you playing a sport, or on a trip, or in front of your first home, or your first grandchild in your arms. Dig through your photo album and scan and send them to Margie Reynolds. It will be fun to see you in our Photo Gallery.

  17. Linda Menzie Enochs says:

    It’s wonderful to think we are having our 55th reunion!! In calling Veterans and working on the committee, I have enjoyed wonderful conversations with many classmates.
    If you know of a Hoover Veteran, please encourage him to attend. If you are married to a Veteran, please let me know. We want to honor our soldiers and salute their service to our country.
    Linda Menzie Enochs: lindaenochs@cox.net

  18. Margie says:

    There are still some rooms available at the Spring Hill Bay Side Marriott if you need a place to stay. We have a block of rooms reserved. Go to LODGING (see left hand panel) to find the link to make a reservation. 25 rooms have already been booked by classmates. So there will be a lot of us staying there.

  19. Gail Tickson Bandy says:

    Don’t miss this reunion, as it promises to be one of the best ever. Have you noticed how many classmates have signed up that you haven’t seen in a very long time? Velma Amati St John, where is your registration? Your old Hoover lunch group is looking forward to seeing you!

  20. Eileen Johnson says:

    Hi Walt, It was good to find out what you have been doing for the past 55 years. I was hoping that you would be at this reunion. (I was so glad that Jerry had your contact information.) Really sorry you can’t make it, hopefully the 60th. Of course this one is going to be especially fun. I am still “nagging” you, aren’t I?Glad your new knees are working out for you, and that you are still golfing.
    Eileen, also still in San Diego

  21. Margie says:

    So, we’ve defected. We have re booked at the Spring Hill Bay Side Marriott from the Wyndham. Why? Cause we got a room block discount and it a new hotel even closer to the Midway. Go to Reunion News to see how you can get the deal.

  22. Walt Willows says:

    WOW !! 55th already…where has the time gone? ⏳
    Thank you very much for finding me, with all this news.
    I’ve been reading the emails from classmates and what stories and experiences we all have. Some good and some not so good at times. Mine does not differ much from all the rest. Retirement came for me in 2011 and that’s when the fun really began. Traveling, drinking a little wine, playing golf and all the while enjoying every minute of it.
    I lost my wife, of 36 years, to breast cancer in 2004. We have two wonderful children, both married. I also have 2 very cute and happy grandchildren. I am a veteran of two total knee replacements and still going strong.
    I was encouraged to see the emails from so many of our classmates, some of the stories touched my heart, while others got me excited for them.
    At this time, I am unable to attend the festivities of Saturday night, but I am planning to play some golf Saturday morning, with people that I have not seen in many years. I am hoping that they will remember me even with my two new knees.
    Enjoy and party on,
    I am already looking forward to the 60th….. ?
    Be happy and healthy,
    Walt Willows (…still in San Diego)

    • Ginger Raney Allen says:

      Don’t wait for the 60th Walt…this is the big one. At this point in life it is better to act than to wait. Hope to see you at the reunion.

  23. Linda Rundell says:

    Donna Bradford, I’m so glad you are going to the reunion. I’d like to get caught up with your life since we worked on the yearbook together. It’s been a long time.

    See you on the Midway,

    • Donna Bradford Gilgen says:

      Hi Linda Boyce – I am pretty excited about it too! Thanks for all that you and the others are doing to make this happen. It looks like it will be wonderful….I can hardly wait!

  24. Margie says:

    People are signing up like crazy. This is going to be a fun big party. I can’t wait to get those “checks are in the mail” letters. check out who’s coming by going to the CLASS ROSTER. Keep those checks coming.

  25. Jerry Treadway says:

    The golf tournament has been set for Riverwalk Golf Course in Mission Valley. It will start at 8:00 A.M. The cost for range balls, cart, and a round of golf is $69.00. If interested in playing, please send an email to Jerry Treadway at . Thanks, Jerry

    • Ginger Raney Allen says:

      I’m so glad you are doing this Jerry. It’s just one more way for all of us to stay connected. I wish I played golf, but maybe I will have Margie Boyd give me some lessons and show up as one of those people who can drop their ball where ever they want. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you in September.

  26. Gail Tickson Bandy says:

    Hello! It’s wonderful to see all the activity these days with classmates connecting… on this website, via old-fashioned phone calls, with emails, and etc.. For those of you who are reading this but have not yet posted a comment on the “Join the Conversation” page, you know that you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to write something and post it, right? Just sayin’. We’d love to hear from you.

  27. Ginger Raney Allen says:

    I’m having so much fun connecting with some of my Hoover friends who I have not seen for many years. The time and distance seem to disappear as we talk about old times and catch-up on the latest. I want to encourage any of you who may have thought of someone special from your “Hoover Years” to check the roster. Many of our classmates have phone numbers and emails and those I have called have been so happy to reconnect.

  28. Ron Greenig says:

    Hey John A, Don D. Eileen J. Frankie B. Linda P. Ginger R. Bill D. Or anyone else please call for a chat just in case I can’t make the reunion would love to hear from any and all of you. Ron Greenig 406-599-6027 any time Mountain Time.

  29. Linda Rundell says:

    I just read your story Paul. Your near death experiences kept me on the edge of my computer seat. Thank you for sharing them and your life in Africa and thank you for serving in the Army. I’m glad you are coming to our reunion.

  30. JOHN ADAMSKE says:

    Hat’s off to the Committee for selecting the Midway-it should be a fun venue (Marilyn, thanks for the heads up on elevators). This time I’ll pass on golf-just ask Don Dwight our score at the Carlton Oaks Reunion. Since the 50th Reunion I have been blessed with a 50th Wedding Anniversary with my bride Mary Lee (a.k.a. Bitsy), two new grandchildren (now 5), fellowship at Pacific Hope Church and good health. After 42 years of law practice I now focus on my real estate brokerage (d.b.a. The Adamske Group Real Estate) that provides residential real estate services county wide. I look forward to seeing all of my old classmates at the reunion. Updated contact info.: Phone 619-929-1932; Email: jaaapc@cox.net

  31. Eileen Johnson says:

    Love this website, and especially the conversations. Great input Jerry about golfing the morning of the 17th. The reunion committee had mentioned it. Next meeting is in a week I will bring it up and get back to you. Are you interested in setting it up? Don, I am so sorry to hear about Beverly. Please let her know she will be missed. Paul, thanks for catching us up on your remarkable life after Hoover. How great that you are coming to the reunion. Ron, it will be so good to see you again after all these years. I hope your health is improving, and you will be able to attend. Val, I can’t believe you will be at our 55th. Wow, how great it will be to spend time with you. I guess I better stop, but I want to let everyone know that you are making this reunion so special.

  32. Paul Stefanson says:

    Want to know what happened after I graduated from Hoover? You can look at My Story in the Picture Gallery.

  33. Jerry Treadway says:

    Has anyone mentioned the possibility of a round of golf on the morning of the 17th? I found that it was a good way to spend some time with the players at the 50th.
    I’m looking forward to meeting everyone again on the Midway, a great venue.

  34. Margie says:

    Linda Boyce Rundell and I have booked a room at the Wyndham Bay Side just 3/10 of a mile walk to the Midway. It was the closest, cheapest hotel that was available for one night. $239 plus tax. Here is their web site if you are interested.
    We live in SD but want to avoid driving after the party in case we have too much fun. We will avoid the $40 a night parking fee by parking free at one of the trolley stations and taking the trolley to the Santa Fe depot and walking to the hotel about 3/10 of a mile.
    We really liked the Embassy Suites (Hilton). It is beautiful and right across the street from shopping and restaurants and about 4/10 of a mile walk to the midway. The nightly rate was cheaper, but you have to book 3-4 nights. Maybe an option for out of town guests who want to make it a mini vacation.
    Spring Hill Suites Marriott is the closest (2/10 of a mile) but a little more expensive at $339 a night. We didn’t get to go in as it’s still under construction.
    I recommend that you book soon as summer in San Diego is popular.
    Margie Boyd Reynolds

  35. Don Dwight says:

    Hi everyone……Had a very tuff call today with our classmate and my 1st wife and mother of our 2 beautiful girls…..Beverly (Murray) Lembers is having health problems and will not be able to attend the 55th Reunion…..She lives in Palm Desert with her husband, Conrad Lembers (a very extra nice man) This getting old stuff is NO FUN……Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers….Good health to you all……..Don

  36. Margie says:

    Alan Duke called yesterday. We had a nice talk and he told me about other people he has called. He is using the Class Roster to contact old friends.
    I hope more of you will follow his lead and make some connections. Make this the year to reunite. Thanks Alan.
    PS. please let me know if info in the roster is incorrect.

    • Ginger Raney Allen says:

      Amazing story Paul. I’ve had a few worldly experiences myself and your writing has inspired me to put them down on paper. Look forward to making a connection at the reunion.

  37. Sheila McKenzie Trovaten says:

    Are you ready for a great party?
    As you might agree, the years are flying by. Before we know it, we’ll be celebrating New Year’s Eve again. All of us on the reunion committee are excited about this event. We don’t want you to miss it. Plan ahead and join us!
    Looking forward to our 55th –

  38. Ginger Raney Allen says:

    Thanks for the terrific email Margie, can’t wait for the invitations to go out and see who is going to be coming to the reunion.

  39. Carol Massey Cullins says:

    The reunion will be a wonderful event! The Midway is a perfect place to meet! Happy we’re paying tribute to Veterans-long overdue! My husband and I are looking forward to attending and helping! Donna, so happy to hear that you plan to attend! We have memories since kindergarten! Marti and Beverly from Benjamin Franklin also plan to attend! Our looks have changed but our hearts are the same! We were blessed to be in such a wonderful class of friends in a wonderful high school! Thank you Gail and reunion committee for your amazing work!

    • Donna Bradford Gilgen says:

      Hi Carol – I am really looking forward to seeing you….. I think so often about our classmates from Franklin. I was excited to see the lunch group picture with you and Beverly – kindergarten was such a long time ago! Our fellow yearbook staffers were also well represented! Getting excited!

  40. Val Dypvik Kasnick says:

    Wow, I’m really looking forward to being with you all again. I’ve only been to one reunion before and it was a lot of fun. It’s always great to come back home to San Diego and the Midway is a perfect spot to reminisce! So many good memories! I sure hope I can recognize some of you after all these years. : )

  41. Carol Roop McDaniel says:

    The only Reunion I was able to make was the 10th! A few years ago… On the 50th Reunion my husband Mac had just had cancer surgery on his right kidney so couldn’t make that one. I see a lot of our Flag Corp is involved in the planning…anxious to see everyone again! God willing I’ll be there this time.

    • Ginger Raney Allen says:

      Hi Carol, I’m looking forward to seeing you. Perhaps we can plan a little “Flag” reunion on the side. I think all of us should go up to the flight deck with some broom handles and have you and Holly take us through a routine. I talked to Rena (Sheldon) so we may even have a baton twirler. Brenda will be there and she can lead the Pom-Pom corp. Happy memories.

    • Alvin (Mac) and Carol Roop McDaniel says:

      Hi Ginger: I haven’t been back to the website in awhile, but thanks for the feedback. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone as well and I love the idea of a “Flag” reunion on the side. I’m not sure about the broom routine on the flight deck though, I’m not as limber as I used to be! Ha!

    • Rena Sheldon (Veuger) says:

      Ginger, I’ll be up on the flight deck cheering you on, but I think my twirling days may be over! I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone and having a great time. Jules and I are staying at the Wyndham Bay Side. One of the few hotels in the area that let you book one night.

    • Rena says:

      We defected from the Wyndham to the SpringHill Suites as well. A little closer and we get the Hoover Reunion rate. Anyone else booked for Friday night?

  42. Carolyn Quinn Herbert says:

    So looking forward to our 55th, and what a perfect venue! Thanks to the reunion committee for their efforts. Sure hoping that this will be the largest turnout ever!

  43. EILEEN JOHNSON says:

    It has been fun working with Bill Daw on the program committee. He is the same, laughs a lot, and willing to help with anything. We have lined up a really good DJ for the re-union. We reminded him that the class of ’61 had the best music ever. He agreed with that.
    Lots of good memories.

  44. Chuck and Linda Perkins Bush says:

    We are really looking forward to the reunion. We haven’t been on the Midway before. We are really looking forward to seeing Don Dwight..so many memories with that guy. Thanks to the committee for all the hard work.

    • Don Dwight says:

      Chuck and Linda…..Back at ya…..Fun times for us Hoover people…..Looking forward to seeing you both…..Maybe sometime before Sept. would be nice…..I’m a bit boring at this time(been on the wagon for over a year) and it shows…..Not to good with this getting old shit…..Hope all is good with you both….Love you both, Don

  45. Linda Rundell says:

    I can’t believe we are into 2016 already. I’m starting to receive income tax
    stuff already. Feels like I just completed income tax forms for last year. With time passing so quickly our 55th reunion will be here before very long. I hope everyone from our class plans to come for a fun time on the Midway.

  46. Don Dwight says:

    Fun being on the committee….They won’t let me do anything, but I understand that……Remember this: ” take the ferry across the bay on the 29th of May, see you at the senior prom”……it goes on….I sang that at one of our school meetings to the senior class…….I need help for sure…….See ya at 55th I hope!!!!!!

  47. Kathy Kapp Morgan says:

    Many thanks to the inspired reunion committee. Glad you didn’t wait until the 60th when more of us will not be able to come. One thought: name tags need to be really BIG so our old eyes can read them. I so look forward to talking and re-connecting (and in some cases connecting for the first time) with my Hoover classmates.

    I spent a half a century in school–after college I taught 9th and 10th grade English (Steinbeck, Shakespeare, Harper Lee, King Arthur!) at Los Gatos High for 37 years. Hard but great work with wonderful colleagues. So I never really left the halls of high school learning , spirit ,and the agony and ecstasy of the adolescent experience. So it will easy to meet you alums, who still have teenagers inside you somewhere.

  48. John Greenbush says:

    Aloha all,
    Attended only one reunion over the years due to scheduling, and commitments. I am racing 6-man Hawaiian canoes, and we host the largest open ocean canoe race in the world in September! Will try and find a way to make scheduling work. Likely not recognize many, but would like to attend.
    Thanks for remembering me, and I kwill make every effort to attend.

  49. Frances Bond Jenkins says:

    So looking forward to this union. I’m not sure I have been to one since my 25th and that was great. Fran Jenkins

    • Ron Greenig says:

      Hope I can make it. My lungs are failing from injuries suffered in a high speed head on collision. So sad so many have passed I should have. Ron

    • john campbell says:

      Hey Ron. Are you in Montana? Sorry to hear about your wreck. I wrecked my motorcycle in New Mexico about 20 years ago. Recovered fine after a week in the hospital. What have you been up to for the past 55? years.

    • Donna Bradford Gilgen says:

      Frances, I remember seeing you at our 30th, in 1991…..that was the first time I attended one. And that is the last time I saw you. Hope to see you next year!

  50. Marilyn Brunner Daniels says:

    The committee is hard at working creating a wonderful event. We urge everyone to come, especially if you have never attended a reunion. Don’t be shy, you will be welcomed with open arms! A group of us have been meeting for lunch every two months or so and it has been so much fun to reconnect and get to know each other once again. Rest assured, you will not be climbing ladders, there are elevators to take us to the various decks!

  51. Gail Tickson Bandy says:

    Thank you, Margie and Linda, for this fantastic website. I’m grateful to be involved in the planning of our 55th Reunion, as it’s going to be an exciting event. It’s been great to reconnect with so many classmates, and I look forward to connecting with many more on September 17, 2016.

  52. EILEEN JOHNSON says:

    I am already looking foreword to our 55th reunion. The website is so perfect. Love having it take place on the Midway. Sure hope we have a huge turnout. Keep up the good work. Thanks.
    Eileen Johnson

  53. Linda Rundell says:

    I hope we can make contact with every single one of our classmates. It would be amazing if everyone who is physically able could come together again to celebrate our 55 years of life after graduating from Hoover High School in 1961.

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