20 thoughts on “Changes to Roster

  1. Dan Chapman says:

    After reviewing the deceased roster I noticed my good Friend Henry Garibay was missing. Lewis Henry Garibay died in mid September 2015.

  2. Patty Lyons Ackley says:

    I am the guest of Carole Engelkes Ryan-Steinauer. You have my name listed as Patty Oakely. Please correct the spelling of my name to read Patty Lyons Ackley (1960 class).

  3. Vivian Hall says:

    Hi! This is Vivian Speth Hall. Everything looks great on this website. One small correction on my e-mail address. It is: vhall43@yahoo.com. Thanks. Hoping to be able to make arrangements to attend my first reunion.

  4. Margie Boyd Reynolds says:

    Hi All,
    I’ve updated the rosters with all information I’ve received since November. We still have a lot of missing information, so if you know of any changes please send them to me at margie11044@att.net or enter a comment here.
    Thanks, Margie

  5. Margie Boyd Reynolds says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Thank for your updated info. I will update the roster next week. Currently I’m enjoying a lovely vacation at the Chopra Center in La Costa.

  6. Kenneth W Simpson says:

    Please update my contact info. I once was on the roster but have been deleted.

    Kenneth W Simpson
    34745 Keystone Dr.
    Soldotna, Alaska 99669

    Phone: 907-252-4425

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